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Green Thumb Inc.

Welcome to Green Thumb Inc., We specialize in interior and exterior plant design, installation and maintenance company serving the tri-county region of South Florida and consisting of the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties of Florida. Launched in year 2004, Green Thumb caters to home owners, businesses, and public spaces and offers an array of services spanning from full landscape design, to area enhancements and maintenance.

Green Thumb offers a full line of services for businesses and residences in Palm Beach, Broward and North Dade Counties, to include:

Interior and Exterior Plantscape Design and Installation

Landscaping & Garden Maintenance

Tropical Gardening, Ornamental and Rose Gardens

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Our Services

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Our service technicians, offer a combined 40 years of experience ranging from interior plant maintenance, garden and landscape services, ornamental gardens, and more. Each of our team members are licensed and skilled in various areas of plant maintenance to include pesticide application, landscaping, etc.

Our work practices include using environmentally friendly practices and we use protocols and follow guidelines from the Broward Cooperative Extension Service, IFAS and the University of Florida. We specialize in personalized services to meet the individual requirements, environmental conditions and other needs of our diverse clientele.



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What We Do Our team at Green Thumb Inc., strives to offer the best service whether they require regular maintenance or a single visit. We provide our customers with an array of service options to fit their needs.

Who We Are

Landscape Design

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Everyone knows the value of a special place in a garden or a hammock tied between two trees where we can relax, read a book, enjoy a cup of coffee or simply listen to the birds. This could be a benefit for private contemplation or a retreat where we can congregate with others. Whatever the size, purpose or location, the opportunity to take in the season is priceless.

This section offers a variety of pictures of landscapes we have designed, installed, or currently maintain.


Interior Plants

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Our interior plant services for businesses and residences include interior plantscape design, plant installation and maintenance. We also offer exterior container plantings at entrances, in courtyards, around pool decks, screened in patios, on balconies, rooftops, and more.

Speaking Engagements

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Interested in hosting a garden event and need a speaker?

Speaker Request:

To request a speaking engagement, please contact Green Thumb at

Topics & Future Speaking Engagements

Education & Resources

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Environmental Benefits

The many benefits of live plants include removing toxins from the air, reducing stress and fatigue due to aesthetic beauty, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere, and increasing productivity in closed environments. Plants are welcoming and bring aesthetic improvement to any interior environment, home, office or public place. Plants help purify the air by removing Carbon Dioxide and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs such as Benzene, Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene) from the air. They also add humidity to the air.



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